Music Producer

I started my career as a music producer in 2009. I never picked what kind of music genre would I produce. Several times I work on pop, rock, funk and some traditional music. I am very happy to be in the ecosystem of the music industry, meeting with great musicians and solid production teams.

Some of the products I produce:

  • Funky Kopral / Album Streetfunk ( 2010 )
  • Funky Kopral / Single Barbie ( 2015 )
  • Candil In The Rockalisasi / Album Rockalisasi (2016)
  • Edwin Syarif (Cokelat Band) / Single Sore (2016)
  • Bless the Knights (2015)
  • Ayla Sances ( 2012)
  • Voodoo ( 2013)
  • Jikunsprain (2017)


Mixing Mastering

This is my hobby that i do seriously. Professionally, I’ve been running this from 2006. Until now I’m still working on mixing mastering from several clients from record labels and from artist / band.